Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

Alternative titles for this post: 
The Story Behind the Sequins
I Never Wear Sequins
This Blog is a Farce

The other day a friend brought it to my attention that I don't wear sequins. He found this confusing in light of the name of this blog. And he's right. I don't wear sequins. Well, not anymore. Actually, really never. Here's the story...

I started this blog a couple of years ago as a fashion blog. Slightly humorous considering my aversion to high heels and anything super trendy but it was a spin off of a dating blog. In said dating blog, I posted some outfits and a bunch of people stroked my ego and told me that I was super fashionable. Naturally, I wanted to bestow my wardrobe wisdom upon the less color coordinated. And so, I started this little blog, Sassy in Sequins, because I'm a witty thing that really wanted to make sequins work.

I bought a quasi-fancy camera, tripod, and bluetooth shutter and spent too much time getting dressed and snapping pictures of myself under the judging eyes of my neighbors. But try as I did, bubble necklaces and nonchalant poses just look forced. And my outfits weren't even that great.

Case in point.
summer outfit white pants

The "pose and pray" (that I look skinny) thing worked for a few months until the novelty wore off. I started seeing a trend in my pictures-- the best ones were the pictures where I looked relaxed, usually the by-product of laughing at my own ridiculousness and making a funny face. I quickly came to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be a Pinterest celebrity. I also wasn't comfortable enough to keep taking pictures of myself in broad daylight. Save for silly selfies, I'm just not cut out for self photography.

pencil skirt business casual

Obviously I kept blogging. But instead of taking pictures of outfits, I wrote about the goings on of my life, travel, and stories about accidentally almost killing myself. Apparently that was not enough to distract smart folk from catching on to the fact that I'm a farce who writes a blog with a title that only half describes herself.

So there you have it, the deficiency behind the name of my blog and why I'm not a fashion blogger.


How to (not) Train for a Charity Walk

This weekend I did my first training walk for the MS Challenge Walk. Considering the walk is in less than a month and I will be walking 20, 20, and 10 miles over 3 days, it's pretty safe to say that completing one training walk makes me an expert.

Naturally, I've compiled a "how to" guide for training walks because there's nothing as effective as last minute strategizing for a trial of physical endurance.*

1. Find Your Motivation
Aside from the fact that I'd rather not be carted off in an ambulance during the MS Challenge Walk, my main motivation for completing a training walk on Saturday was free food. Shake Shack was giving out free burgers to the first 100 people in line on Saturday--the perfect motivation for walking almost 7 miles round trip to Harvard Square.

Shake Shack Free Burger

2. Dress the part
Fake it til you make it, right? You might not be an all star athlete, but that doesn't mean that you can't dress like one. Break out your best gear and what you'll be wearing on the walk day.

Athleta Chatarunga Yoga Pants

3. Reward Yourself
That aforementioned free cheeseburger was not only free but came after a 3 mile walk and it was A-FREAKING-AMAZING! It didn't hurt that the calories I consumed were burned off by the miles I walked.

Shake Shack Meister Burger

4. Tell people to DONATE
The most important thing about a charity walk is actually raising money for charity. I'm doing this walk in honor of my friend Jodi, who has MS. She's a badass and will be walking 50 miles with me despite having a horrible disease that's messing with her immune system. That's reason enough to cough up some money.

* Disclaimer: This is humor, not an actual training plan. Please train with a fitness professional and consult your doctor before engaging in physical activity. 


Wine + Moonshine: Spodee White review

Over the weekend I had the chance to try out Spodee White, a wine infused with moonshine from the good folks over at Spodee Wine. I knew I was planning a weekend with friends in Martha's Vineyard, an island with a surprising lack of vineyards, and brought Spodee White along.

After a long day at the beach, I broke out the Spodee. I'm no oenophile or moonshinephile (if such a designation exists) but did appreciate the sweet slightly citrus smell of Spodee. To play off the citrus, I made my own Spodee recipe similar to the Spodee Mojito that I have named:

Spodee Porch Rocker
1 part Spodee White
2 parts lime sparkling water
5 mint leaves
Twist of lime
Serve over ice with a lime garnish, enjoy anywhere outside

Spodee was surprisingly good, as I was slightly skeptical of a wine and moonshine concoction. It was sweet and light and refreshing for a hot summer day-- perfectly fitting for some Martha's Vineyard Gingerbread house porch drinking to get the evening started.

I had other plans for the evening and took Spodee White to go to be enjoyed on the beach with friends over a fresh cooked seafood dinner. Spodee fit right in, both in aesthetics and taste. This refreshing drink was a great accompaniment to our lemon-squeezed shellfish. 

An added perk was the wide mouth jar that Spodee comes in. I was able to easily add more sparkling water, mint and lime for the ultimate portable beach drink (if your beach allows glass). Spodee was an exciting new addition to a weekend away with friends! Check out their website and get some today! 

Note: Spodee White was provided in exchange for an honest review of the product. As always, all thoughts and boozy musings are my own.


Freedom: An Unplugged Weekend

Last weekend I unplugged. Albeit not as unplugged as I was last year in "Not Tahoe" but I spent the weekend away from email, social media, and phone calls. Instead I surrounded myself with friends and nature (and maybe some adult beverages).  

I accepted an invitation from my friend to join her and her fiancĂ© at his family's cottage in Freedom, New Hampshire. For those of you not in the know, Freedom is a tiny town on Ossipee Lake, situated next to a town called Die. Ok, the last part isn't true but it should be based on New Hampshire's state motto.  It really is a lakeside town in New Hampshire.

I decided the night before leaving for New Hampshire to go unplugged. A foreign concept for me, a woman who documents most of her day (and meals) on Twitter and Instagram. I fell asleep Friday night excited for a weekend of freedom, unbeknownst to me that while breaking ties with technology, I would literally find myself in Freedom.

My last tweet was posted on Saturday morning and I officially left technology behind.  Well, for the most part. I used my phone for pictures and a few texts (Jewish moms get worried) but my emails went unanswered,  Twitter went unread, and Instagram remained still.

What I found was more than I had bargained for. Originally worried that I would be bored, I brought magazines and freaked out upon realizing that I had forgotten a book. How would I spend an entire weekend entertaining myself?!

For starters, friends. In a time when much of my interaction with my best friends is through email, it was refreshing to catch up in person. In our busy daily lives, we are provided a cursory overview on the lives of others.  Focusing on the "now"and the "where" and the "what" in emails--facts that provide concise information that we're seeking. 

Without distractions, we can explore the "why" and the "how"--the things that really matter to us and our friends. A friend's wedding planning, my completely rational fear of lake monsters, our somewhat dysfunctional families, and other things that can't be broken down into 140 characters.

It was the perfect kind of weekend. Reconnecting by disconnecting and in it, finding Freedom.


5 Things a High Energy Person Needs

Energy is the lifeblood of everything (excluding the internet). We all have different energies in life that propel us along our way.

Relaxed. Intense. Contemplative. Vivacious. Indifferent. Animated.

Some people into the high energy category, including yours truly.  On any given day I teeter between the Smurf Theme Song and ZOMG! zones of the energy spectrum. Admittedly, it can difficult to harness all of this energy into something productive. When misdirected, high energy people can become hurried, nervous and even spastic. There are 5 things that high energy people need.

1. Purpose
High energy people need a purpose. Find a passion--eliminating homelessness, designing skyscrapers, making silly YouTube videos--it doesn't matter.  Channeling energy into something positive will foster personal and professional fulfillment.

2. Positive Network
High energy people need reinforcement through a positive network of people. Find people who support your passion--fellow advocates, industry professionals, people who think you're hilarious--and connect. A positive network is worth its weight in gold.

3. Grounding Force
High energy people need a grounding force. Find someone or something to counter the passion--people with different ideals, nature, belief in a higher power--and invest yourself. A grounding force provides balance.

4. Outlet
High energy people need an outlet for their energy. Find something other than your purpose--paint, volunteer, exercise--and lose yourself for a while. An outlet to shift the focus of your energy will enrich you.

5. Awareness
High energy people need to be aware of themselves. Find people with a different energy--negative, reserved, indifferent--and embrace diversity. Awareness of others will be a guide to understanding ourselves.

Find these 5 things and you can take over world!* Yay! Woohoo! Shazam!

*Does not a guarantee world domination